mauiDanceParty2015 OPArt Education for Children Group Presents:

Maui Dance Party 2015

Featuring the 13 Piece LA Legacy Jazz Orchestra -
"Playing a mix of live ballroom & Swing dance music."
On a 1,000 square foot dance floor!
A Benefit for Art and Cultural Education ( Order Tickets HERE

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Jazz Maui 2015 Performers

About JazzMaui.Org

Jazz Maui is presented by Arts Education for Children Group, a nonprofit organization founded in 1996 that is dedicated to providing opportunities for artistic and cultural enrichment.

Jazz Maui 2015 provides an opportunity for local residents, music students, aspiring young musicians, professional musicians, and jazz music aficionados to participate in and/or attend high quality jazz music performance concerts on Maui. We provide a venue for young aspiring local jazz musicians to establish connections within the professional jazz music scene that may facilitate career opportunities,” states Jazz Maui Founder, Bryant Neal.